• Energy_Label
    2002 Energy Label - 2002年能源标签
    2002, BAST received the “Energy Label” issued by the Hong Kong Electrical and Mechanical Services Department. 2002年,BAST获得了香港机电工程署颁发的“能源标签”。
  • Intelligent_Lighting
    2000 Development of intelligent lighting - 2000开发智能照明
    2000, A R&D team was built up to develop intelligent lighting control systems. 2000年,成立了一个研发团队来开发智能照明控制系统。
  • ISO9001_Mark
    1999 ISO9001 Certification - 1999年ISO9001认证
    1999, The factory was internationally certificated from ISO9001. 1999年,工厂通过了ISO 9001国际认证。
  • Electronic_Ballast
    1997 Electronic transformers - 1997电子变压器
    1997, Engaged in development and production of electronic transformers. 1997年,从事电子变压器的开发和生产。
  • 2
    Gold prize award - 奖项
    1996, The Ballast of BAST was awarded a gold prize at the Third Chinese Exposition of Architectural Decoration Materials, Hotel Facilities sponsored by China Construction Decoration and Furnishing Material Association, China Construction Industria...